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The Standup Podcast

Feb 6, 2019

Hey Everyone! Welcome to The Standup Podcast this week where we're diving deep into the topic of Impediments. There are many different kinds of Impediments that might be impacting your team, and as a leader or ScrumMaster it's your job to help remove these impediments.

But how frequently is your team getting stuck in the cadence in the daily standup of giving their update and ending with "... no impediments". User Stories aren't being completed on time though? "... no impediments." We're unable to get builds out to environments as quickly as we'd like? "... no impediments."

At the Standup this week we dive into the multitude of different types of Impediments teams face and how you can proactively identify them and help your team resolve them. Ultimately your ability to remove your teams impediments directly impacts their ability to succeed.