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The Standup Podcast

Dec 5, 2018

Hey Everyone! Welcome to The Standup Podcast this week where we're going to be talking about Budgeting for Agile Teams and strategies companies can use when trying to budget in an Agile fashion. 

Many companies still carry their budget process over from a previous waterfall model and get frustrated with cost estimation and budgeting for Agile projects. In this episode of The Standup Podcast we talk about how the budget process should be focused around the fixed cost of the team (which SHOULD be rallying around a single product) and then you back the projects into the team capacity. Imagine how much your CFO would love to hear that you won't be over budget this year unless you decide to go hire more people.

A complicated topic to be sure, but I hope we give you some clarity and some additional pointers to take into your 2019 budget!